Oktober 2018

„Sticky Mo and the Lionrockets“
Music Video Release Party @ „Löwe Rein“ Berlin, Germany

Jazz for Dancers
New Video !

I am proudly announcing, that next sunday, October 28th Sticky Mo and the Lionrockets will present their latest video work. Its a portrait of the band and the dancers they have been working with the past 3 years. It will be their music video release party, with live-video screening, concert and after party starting from 4 pm at Löwe Rein in Neukölln (Richardstr. 31-32 in 12047 Berlin).

Official Trailer (2018)

🙂 O M E !

musicians: Moritz Köther, Fritz Moshammer, Chris Colaço, Philipp Schaeper, Christian Fischer
dancers: Zazou Zah, Giedre Paplaityte, Tea Ghigo, Lyndogwen Baldse, Pete Young

video by Fabio Dondero, photo by Oliver Eves, artwork by Magnus Aspelin and Jason Ho, produced by Moritz Köther, powered by Sticky Mo and the Lionrockets

All Rights Reserved.
© Moritz Köther 2018